Four Key Success Factors You Need For High-Energy, High-Engagement Organizational Cultures


Regardless of your great product or service, without a strong, lively employee-friendly Organizational Culture, you are at risk of:


  • Stagnating rather than preparing for the future
  • Losing your most talented employees to your competition
  • Watching your employees slide into contagious disengagement & low productivity
  • Discouraging customer loyalty
  • Losing market share


Successful organizations eliminate these risks by consciously building their Organizational Cultures.


How? They Develop These Four Key Success Factors:

1. Leaders employees want to follow

2. Managers whose people-skills motivate employees to achieve their goals

3. Teams that are cohesive and fun to work within

4. Diverse employees who are valued for helping provide innovative points of view


We’ll start at consulting the strategy stage with you – or dive into implementing the Four Key Success Factors for you. We’ve worked across sectors and industries, including very small businesses, education and government agencies. Click our Clients page for a list of many of our successful clients.


Contact us for a complimentary needs assessment meeting. We’ll help you determine the next steps to achieving your strong, high-return Organizational Culture – customized to meet your needs and business goals. — Malati Marlene Shinazy, M.Ed.



“Working with Malati and Pacific Leadership Consultants was a great investment. Our department heads became top-tier managers and true leadersof our diverse employee groups.”

-M.J. Solis, County of Santa Clara, CA

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