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 Why Develop Leaders, Managers and High-Performance Diverse Teams?


You’ve got a great product or service.

And …


… the most successful organizations also have Employee-Focused Organizational Cultures:


  • Inspiring Leaders that your employees want to follow
  • Skilled Managers who can get things done while engaging your best and brightest employees
  • High Performing Diverse Teams that bring innovative ideas and customer perspective


Without These Your Organizational Culture Is At Risk to …


1. Stagnate, rather than innovating for the future

2. Lose your most talented employees to your competition

3. Encourage average performance toward customers

4. Diminish market share



Malati Marlene Shinazy, M.Ed. and Pacific Leadership Consultants help build intentional Employee-Centered Organizational Cultures − Where all employees thrive and are on the same trajectory to reach company goals through four points of lift, simply achieved with professional development.


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Lift #1:

You need leaders your employees want to follow. The Leadership Challenge® has been the worldwide gold standard, evidence-based leadership development model for over 25 years.  As your leaders increase their frequency of each of the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership®, they’ll become the leaders your organization needs, now and in the future.


Lift #2:

Skilled managers are the backbone of your success.  “Employees quit managers, not companies” is still all too true.

What makes an effective manager? People Skills

Managers Core People-Skills Training uses eight-modules to develop managers who foster efficient, engaged, and enthusiastic employees − and harmonious teams you can count on to go the distance. You can expect energetic work environments that will attract and retain the most talented employees.


Lift #3:

Team Building and Repair™, using cutting edge tools and processes get teams that have fallen into complacency, tension, or silos of dissension back on track. Team Building also makes strong teams even more cohesive, innovative and the number one reason employees come to work.


Lift #4:

Building A Robust Diverse Workforce gives you the competitive of advantage of diverse world-views, perspectives and experiences − critical in today’s culturally complex and global market. With our expertise in Diversity & Inclusion, you’ll meet these challenges.


Our solutions map to your organization’s unique needs. Action and Reinforcement Plans guarantee you’ll see improvements in everyone’s ability to maintain energetic organizational success.


We look forward to helping your organizational culture soar!

- Malati Marlene Shinazy, M.Ed


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