The Four Key Success Factors You Need To Foster
A High Employee Engagement Organization Culture

Without a strong, high-engagement Organization Culture,
your company is at risk of:

  • Stagnating rather than innovating for the future
  • Losing your most talented employees to your competition
  • Watching your employees slide into disengagement and low productivity
  • Discouraging customer loyalty
  • Losing market share

Successful organizations eliminate these risks by
Investing in their Cultures.

How? Professional Development in which Employees Acquire the following Four Key Success Factors via Live Facilitated Workshops!

1. Leaders employees want to follow

2. Managers whose people-skills motivate employees to achieve their goals

3. Teams that are cohesive and fun to work within

4. Diverse employees and inclusive environments that value innovative points of view

Yes, you need to start with Live Facilitated Workshops … not webinars or online learning. These solutions are perfect for learning reinforcement, not initial learning that will change behavior.

Online courses simply can’t meet the learning goals and cultural changes you need. If they could, the 2013 Gallup State of the American Workplace Report would not be showing that 70% of our employees are disengaged!

Human interaction skills such as the Four Key Success Factors, need to be learned and practiced in powerful learning workshops. As these are the skills that can make or break careers and your organization, participants need real-time feedback from expert facilitators  as well as follow-up reinforcement.

We’ve assisted organizations across sectors and industries, including education and government agencies. Click our Clients page for a partial list.

Contact us to meet for a complimentary needs assessment. We’ll help you determine your next steps. And assist in developing a reinforcement and accountability plan to maintain and grow the Success Factors you’ve invested in.  – Malati Marlene Shinazy

“Working with Malati and her team was a great investment…”

“Our department heads became top-tier managers and true leaders of our culturally diverse teams.”

-M.J. Solis, County of Santa Clara, CA

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