The Four Influencers Of A
High Employee Engagement Culture

With low employee engagement, your company is at risk of:

    • Having high engagement competitors out-perform you by 202% (Gallup)
    • Losing your most talented employees to your competition
    • Watching your employees slide into disengagement and low productivity
    • Stagnating rather than innovating for the future
    • Discouraging customer loyalty

Successful organizations eliminate these risks by investing in:

Strategic Development of:

1. Leaders employees want to follow

2. Managers whose people-skills motivate employees to achieve their goals

3. Diverse employees and inclusive environments that value and leverage innovative    points of view

4. Super-Teams which are cohesive, accountable, and enjoyable to work within

We’ve assisted organizations across sectors and industries, including education and government agencies. See our Clients page for a partial list.

Contact us to determine your next steps toward building a high-ROI, high engagement culture.

“Working with Malati and her team was a great investment.

Our department heads became top-tier managers and

true leaders of our culturally diverse teams.”

-M.J. Solis, County of Santa Clara, CA

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